Meet the Stylist: Katie Anne Roberts

Meet the Stylist: Katie Anne Roberts

Wardrobe Stylist: Katie Anne Roberts

Fashion Background/Degree: Studied Fashion Design & Merchandising at Mississippi State University

Hometown: Madison, MS

What brought you to Columbus, GA: My hubby is in the military :)

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Go-To Look in a Pinch: Flat Brim Fedora Hat, Graphic Tee front tucked into a pair of jeans, either a blazer or bomber jacket over the shoulders, finished with strappy heels or pointed-toed booties! Always spice it up with gold accessories.


My Favorite Ways to Elevate Your Closet: 

  1. Play with prints
  2. Add more color
  3. Forget about trends (even though we love ‘em)
  4. Wear what makes you happy & feel like YOU!

Dream Vacation: Santorini, Greece. The white architecture, beautiful sand beaches, history, and culture are dreamy!

Wardrobe Hack You Standby: Rolling my sleeves at the wrist on long sleeve garments and styling from the bottom up (I love shoes!!!)

KA’s Styling #1 Tip:
 I will always encourage you to “try it on.” You will surprise yourself so often with garments that you would NEVER buy just on the hanger (I call it hanger shopping :)); But you end up loving them when you can see the complete outfit styled together for the overall look. That’s one of the main reasons I love styling!

Favorite Thing About Your Job: Whether you are dressing for a specific occasion, for work, or yourself, it is important to feel good, confident, sexy (Yeah, I’ll say it for us!!), and like we are truly dressed for the occasion. 

Council has given me the opportunity to help you do that very thing with your personal wardrobe and to help get you EXCITED about styling yourself confidently and fashionably for it to be exactly what YOU want it to be. That is Powerful & Beautiful!

I hope you enjoyed getting to learn a little bit about me! Stay tuned for next week’s insight on Council Wardrobe Styling.




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